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5 Best Ultra Short Throw Projector in 2021

Best Ultra Short Throw Projector
Best Ultra Short Throw Projector

Projectors are expensive, heavy pieces of equipment. They may be necessary for your business meeting or conference, but there is also a lighter option. A best ultra short throw projector can meet the needs of many people and they’re fairly affordable too!

The projector is a device used to project images on to a screen. It was originally invented in the early 19th century and has been modernized since then with many advancements made in projection technology. Projector can be found everywhere from schools, businesses, churches, and even homes. The ultra short throw projector is an important part of everyday life for most people today. Without it there would be no movies or PowerPoint presentations!

Best Ultra Short Throw Projector in 2021

The cheap Ultra Short Throw projector has a very wide angle lens with less than 0.4 throw ratio, letting you place it just under or above the screen. A key benefit is that anyone giving presentations won’t need to stand in its projected light and create shadows on images.

The perfect Ultra Short Throw projector has an effective beam that shines just under or over the screen, providing relief to presenters who need not stand in its way. This is because it can be installed easily without requiring any installation work on your ceiling – saving money and time!

Ultra short throw projector are certainly more expensive than other, regular short-throw (or even long) models a lot of the time. With laser technology for displaying images at such an angle and quickly against walls or screens they can be quite costly to produce in large quantities – though some high end home cinema systems use these types as their sole display device!

Editor’s Note: We will update this list of the ten best ultra short throw projector in 2021, as more projector arrive on the market. or if you are interested in buying the ultra short throw projector so, we are make a perfect list of projector for You.

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BenQ V7050i

The BenQ V7050i projector is a must have for your home theater. It has an incredible brightness of up to 3000 lumens with full HD 1920x1080p resolution, and it can project images as large as 300 inches. The built-in 12W speaker delivers rich sound without the need for external speakers or subwoofer. This ultra short throw projector also comes equipped with HDMI connectivity, 3D compatibility, and MHL which allows you to share your mobile device’s content on the big screen!

The BenQ V7050i projector is a high quality, affordable home theater solution. With a 2000 lumen brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio, this projector will display images in sharp detail with deep blacks and vivid colors. In addition to its impressive specs, the V7050i also has an easy-to-use remote control that allows you to quickly switch from one input source to another without having to reach for your TV’s remote.

The BenQ V7050i projector is a great home theatre projector that can be used in multiple rooms. It has a native 4K resolution and comes with HDR capabilities, 3D compatibility, and a sleek design. With the latest technology packed into one device, this could be the best decision you ever make for your home cinema!

BenQ V7050i
Projector Size 16 cm x 48 cm x 39 cm
Resolution 3840×2160
Brightness 2,500 ANSI Lumens
Power 480 Watts 100V – 240V
Weight 10.0 kg
  • Sharp lens
  • HDR looks great
  • Motorized lens cover
  • No game mode, high input lag


The XGIMI Aura projector is a modern technological marvel that can project high definition images on any wall or surface. It has the capability to display anything from your favorite TV show to games, movies, or presentations. The Aura Projector uses Bluetooth enabled devices to play media with no need for wires!

The XGIMI Aura Projector, which is a portable projector that can be used as an alternative to TV and monitors. It has many features such as wireless connectivity, built-in speakers and Bluetooth compatibility. The product runs on Android 7.1 and comes with a Bluetooth remote control for easy use.

The XGIMI Aura is a new and exciting innovation that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies with high quality sound and picture in an immersive environment. You can connect your television, smart phone or laptop and project it onto any wall in your home (or even outside).

Brightness 2,400 ANSI Lumens
Resolution 3840×2160
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (4K HD)
Power 100V – 240V
Weight 14.9 kg
  • Good value
  • Flexible range of screen sizes
  • Android TV
  • No Netflix
  • Large


The VAVA 4K projector is a great option for those looking to get rid of their cable bill. It has a built-in Android TV system so you don’t have to purchase anything additional, and it can project up to 150 inches! The price point on this product is amazing considering the features that come with it.

The VAVA 4K projector is a great choice for anyone who wants to have an excellent movie experience without having to pay hundreds of dollars. It supports 4k video at 30 fps, which means that the picture quality will be top notch. The resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, so you can watch anything in crystal clear detail.

The VAVA 4K projector is a portable and affordable option for those who want to purchase a video projector. The model has an intuitive design that can be used by anyone, even if they have never bought one before. It also comes with several accessories such as the remote control and cable so you can use it right out of the box!

Weight 10.8 kg
Power 360 Watts 100V – 240V
Projector Size 11 cm x 53 cm x 37 cm
Contrast 3,000:1
Resolution 3840×2160
  • Decent brightness
  • Attractive design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Android app could be improved

Optoma GT5600

The Optoma GT5600 projector is a great choice for anyone looking to get an inexpensive and efficient way of viewing their PowerPoint presentations, watching movies or playing video games. The GT5600 supports 1080p Full HD resolution and has built-in speakers that can be easily adjusted to account for different room sizes.

The Optoma GT5600 projector is an excellent choice for home theater enthusiasts. The native 4K resolution and HDR compatibility offer a stunning picture on any wall or screen, while the Optoma’s low input lag provides gamers with responsive gameplay.

The Optoma GT5600 is a full HD projector that offers up to 10,000 hours of operation. It’s also compatible with 3D and 4K video signals for an immersive experience. The GT 5600 also has a built-in speaker and it can project from as close as 15 inches away from the screen or wall which makes it perfect for personal viewing at home or in the office.

Optoma GT5600
Brightness 3,600 ANSI Lumens
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (HD)
Power 285 Watts 100V – 240V
Weight 3.9 kg
  • Supreme brightness
  • Screen setup is quite easy
  • Full support of 3D and Blu-ray players
  • The user interface is confusing for beginners
  • No Bluetooth

LG Electronics HU85LA

The LG Electronics HU85LA projector is a great addition to any TV, movie or gaming enthusiast’s home theater system. It has 3D capabilities and the ability to produce images up to 300 inches big! You can use it as a stand-alone device for your business meetings too. Plus with an HDMI cable connection you can connect it to your laptop so you can play movies on the go.

The LG Electronics HU85LA is a great way to watch movies, play video games and do presentations without having to sit in the front row of a movie theater or have your neck craned downward. This device features a Full HD 1080p resolution with up-scaling capability that can provide high-quality images even when you’re projecting from an older DVD player.

The LG Electronics HU85LA is a projector that comes with all the features of 3D and can be used in almost any room. The size of this projector makes it perfect for small rooms, like bedrooms or dorms. The picture quality on this machine is great and you get to choose which way you want your images displayed when watching TV or movies.

LG Electronics HU85LA
Power 330 Watts 100V - 240V
Resolution 3840x2160
Brightness 2,700 ANSI Lumens
Weight 12.2 kg
Projector Size 13 cm x 68 cm x 35 cm
  • High brightness for ambient light viewing
  • Mostly accurate out-of-box color for dark-room viewing
  • Extensive picture adjustments for this product type
  • Challenging set-up common to UST projectors

Buying Guide

1. Screen Size

You can choose from a range of screen sizes depending on the projector you buy. For example, if your room is not huge but still needs an large TV to feel comfortable then get one with 80 inch or 120 inch projection capabilities since they will be able fill most areas in any home theater setup without being too big for most living rooms.

On the other hand, 150" models are perfect when space isn't at premium because these projectors have enough light output so even dark corners don’t need brightness adjustments anymore!

2. Throw Distance

A short throw projector has a key feature that is determined by its throw distance rating. The lower the number, the closer you must be for it to display on your projection screen and this can help with minimizing installation time or cost as well since most rooms don't require viewers sitting more than 10 feet away from them (though some movie theaters may).

When shopping around for one of these innovative gadgets make certain they're not too far off what's required before purchasing so there won't need any adjustments made after installing!

3. Screen Resolution

A projector is also for watching movies and TV shows, so you would want it to offer the best image quality possible. To ensure this same result as well with your ultra short throw projector make sure that its screen resolution meets or exceeds what's needed in order not diminish detail when compared to competing models on the market today like those from Sony (e-society) Microsoft (4k).

4. Brightness

One of the most important factors to consider before getting an ultra short throw projector for your home or office is brightness. This simply tells you about how powerful and bright a given projector's bulb can be, as well as when it will still give off enough light even if there isn't any natural illumination present in dark rooms.

5. Reliability

You want to find the widest range of features included with your projector, but you also need something that will last. For this reason it's important for ultra short throw projectors like the Epson 2040UB-1L ten thousand Lumens Short Throw Home Projector Screen at least have a 20000 or 30000 hour lifetime rating on their projection bulb so they can handle any situation without trouble.


If you're looking for best  Ultra Short Throw projector, it's important to look at the lens. For example, if you want your presenter not to cast shadows on images or videos during presentations, be sure that they have a wide angle lens with less than 0.4 throw ratio so they can place their projector just under or above the screen without interrupting light flow onto it.


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